Ja Morant’s Hairstyle: Majestic Dreads of a Flashy NBA Superstar

Ja Morant's Hairstyle

The organization acquired an exceptional crop of talented players from the 2019 NBA Draft. Although many possess traits reminiscent of NBA legends, few are blazing their own trail to success. One such individual is the incredibly agile, assertive, and driven Ja Morant.

Despite only spending three years in the NBA, he has not only demonstrated his undeniable talent against veteran players, but also silenced his critics by winning the 2019/2020 NBA Rookie of the Year award with style.

Although Ja Morant’s potential appears limitless and he still has over a decade left in his basketball career, he is undoubtedly unmatched in his class and one of the most captivating players in the league today.

Exploring Ja Morant’s Hair Type and Hairstyle

To put it simply, Ja Morant has a hairstyle known as free form locs, which is popular among those with 4b type hair and is very natural. One of the advantages of this hairstyle is that it doesn’t need much maintenance or attention to look good. The hair is strong and durable, which could be the reason why Ja often twists the dreads to create thick, wavy coils.

6 Dreadlock Ideas of Ja Morant that Exude Style and Elegance

While many players gain recognition for their talent and skills on the court, achieving fame off the court can be challenging. However, for Memphis Grizzlies’ superstar Morant, it was the opposite. His flamboyant attitude and distinctive hairstyle made achieving recognition outside of the NBA as easy as Sunday morning.

Now, let’s take a look at the numerous hairstyles that Ja Morant has reinvented and showcased on screens throughout his NBA career.

1. The Blowout

The blowout hairstyle, once sported by Ja as a teen mastermind, is a versatile option for those with afro hair that can be worn for any occasion. Its voluminous style is perfect for those seeking to achieve a flattening effect, which helps to narrow down the face shape.

The Blowout

Not only is this hairstyle low-maintenance, but it also comes with a simple manual for recreation. By utilizing styling tools such as a blow dryer, a pick for afro hair, and curl-enhancing cream, one can effortlessly replicate this playful look.

However, if you prefer a more natural appearance and do not wish to use hair products, it may be harder for your hair to stay in place, but the resulting wavy style is a popular and universally appealing look.

2. Middle Length Dreads

During his rookie year, Ja Morant popularized a hairstyle that involves medium-length dreadlocks wrapped into multiple coils, making it a great choice for those growing out their hair. This hairstyle not only helps avoid awkward stages but also highlights the growth and density of the hair.

Recreating this look is effortless. All you need to do is let your hair be, and for a more manageable appearance, you can incorporate finger coils to keep the dreads in place while enhancing the cuticle texture.

Middle Length Dreads

To achieve the best results, it’s recommended to use a nourishing shampoo and curl-enhancing conditioner. Using rods of various shapes and sizes can also enhance the hair’s texture without compromising its natural appearance.

3. Part Cornrows

Cornrows are always a coveted hairstyle, especially on those with naturally thick and curly hair. It’s no surprise that Ja Morant sported this look during his first year in the NBA, as it perfectly complements his flamboyant personality and also showcases his dreads in an excellent way.

Part Cornrows

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, cornrows are incredibly sturdy and versatile, making them suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re dressed in your finest suit or attending a casual gathering with friends, this hairstyle is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

4. Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

This hairstyle bears a striking resemblance to the classic eBoy look, making it an excellent option for those seeking to express their laid-back side. It involves dividing the hair into two sections and creating coils by combining the dreadlocks, either with your fingertips or using spiral hair ties and rods.

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Although achieving this look may be time-consuming and uncomfortable, it is a hairstyle that most people can experiment with and wear for extended periods of time. Furthermore, while you can opt for the same colors as Ja Morant’s coils, you can also select other vibrant hues that complement your unique personality and qualities.

5. Middle part duo tone dreads

Just like the previous entry on this list, this hairstyle features a middle part with a twist, quite literally! The pre-existing coils are further twisted and intertwined to add more volume, definition, and texture to Ja’s hair. While you can use tools to form the coils, the best results will come from the expertise of a professional hairstylist.

Middle part duo tone dreads

Be sure to request a slight trim around the edges of your hair to accurately showcase the shorter front lengths that gradually transition into longer strands at the back.

Also, for the framing fringes near the front, it’s recommended to steer clear of styling tools and instead create a more natural look by twisting the dreadlocks with your fingers!

6. Dread Bun

The timeless dread bun has been a favorite hairstyle among athletes worldwide due to its practicality. Ja Morant has recently adopted this hairstyle during the season, and his dreads have remained unchanged ever since. The bun allows him to play freely without hindering his form or movement.

Dread Bun

Aside from its convenience, the dread bun is also gentle on lengthy dreads, preventing them from becoming strained when worn for extended periods.

Whether you’re a basketball player or not, this hairstyle can enhance your overall look and elevate your social life. Its sleekness and uniqueness make it a rare find among hairstyles today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every intricate hairstyle comes with a new set of inquiries. Ja Morant’s hairstyle can be replicated by those with 4b type curly hair, or with the assistance of a skilled hairdresser and stylist.

As we cannot personally assist you with the replication process, we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about Ja Morant’s hairstyle below. These queries will be useful when you seek the help of a professional hairstylist.

What is the reason for Ja Morant’s bouncy hair?

Ja Morant’s hair is freeform locs, also known as dreads, which are achieved naturally without the use of any hair product, styling tools, or equipment. They tend to be bouncy and resilient because the wearer allows their hair to grow in its own way.

How long does it typically take to grow freeform locs like Ja Morant’s?

Although it is unknown how long it took for Ja Morant to grow his locks, people with thick afro hair can usually create freeform locs within five weeks. The tighter the curls, the easier it is for them to adapt to freeform locs.

Will wearing dreads weaken my hair strands?

Contrary to popular belief, wearing dreadlocks can actually make hair more resilient and healthy-looking. Many people who have worn dreads report that they have experienced increased hair volume and an easier time managing their hair growth. Dreadlocks can also help individuals embrace the natural texture of their hair.


Overall, while replicating Ja Morant’s hairstyle can be challenging, with enough time, the right products, and a reliable assistant, anyone can create their own version. However, many variations of the style do not require the use of products, so it’s best to leave your hair alone. This will not only give your hair a healthy appearance but also make the cuticles more resistant to damage and dryness.

Moreover, your hair will feel lighter and have a playful look to it. If you want to add your own personal touch, choose your own set of colors when recreating the top knot dreads. To enhance the playful aspect of the hairstyle, avoid selecting neutral colors.

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