25 Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

25 Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you happen to have a round face, then you might just be the prettiest and cutest girl among your peers. To discover the hairstyles that would suit your face shape the best, don’t waste any time and dive right into this article. These hairstyles are guaranteed to slay, so take a deep breath and let’s get started.

However, before we delve into the hairstyles themselves, it’s crucial to determine the shape of your face first. Is it oval, square, oblong, or perhaps round? It can be challenging to identify the shape of one’s face just by looking at it.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

1. Shaggy Short Cut

If you have a round face, Jennifer Lawrence is the celebrity to look up to for hairstyle inspiration. To recreate her signature look, it’s best to start with damp hair. Shaggy waves are the way to go, as they look effortlessly cool and complement a round face.

Shaggy Short Cut

Make sure to maintain the shaggy waves regularly to keep the hairstyle looking fresh for a longer period. With this amazing hairstyle, you’ll surely slay your friends!

2. Fantastic Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk is a go-to hairstyle for girls with a round face due to its ability to elongate the face. Not only does it give off a tomboyish and badass vibe, but it also maintains a fashion-forward appearance amongst your friends.

Fantastic Fauxhawk

Achieving this look is simple with the help of some hair gel and a comb. By finely combing the hair and showing off your swag, you can easily rock this trendy hairstyle.

3. Amazing Asymmetric Bob

Amazing Asymmetric Bob

Having a round face is a blessing when it comes to trying out this epic hairstyle. This style is considered one of the best for round faces, and it can make you look super stylish and smart. To achieve the best look, it’s recommended to keep the asymmetric bob sleek and at chin length.

4. Graceful Graduated Tousle

Graceful Graduated Tousle

If you have a round face, this hairstyle could be your ultimate lifesaver. It creates a voluminous effect at the top, thanks to the layers in the hair. To maintain the bouncy look, don’t forget to use hairspray for proper styling. With this hairstyle, you can stay cheerful and energetic all day long.

5. Side Swept Bang With Bun

Side Swept Bang With Bun

Keep your glamorous appearance all day long with these stylish hairstyles. Side swept bangs add a feminine flair to your look and create the illusion of a perfectly framed face. A low updo resting at the nape of your neck looks stunning. Even with a blonde hue, it still looks amazing and reflects that you are a true fashionista.

6. Centre Parted Wavey Downdo

Centre Parted Wavey Downdo

The cascading layers of hair falling gracefully downwards can help to create a slimming effect on your face. In fact, incorporating bangs into your hairstyle can help elongate your face. Additionally, blonde highlights can add a touch of extravagance and enhance your overall appearance.

7. Cute Curly Bob

Cute Curly Bob

Adding curls to your hair can enhance your beauty in many ways, such as adding extra cuteness, loveliness, and beauty. Therefore, if you have a round face, this hairstyle is a must-try. It’s versatile and can be worn on any occasion or at any place. To elevate the look further, consider adding some brownish highlights to the front curls for a blissful touch.

8. Long Curls with Bangs

Long Curls with Bangs

Do I look beautiful?” is a question that can haunt you at times. However, it’s time for a transformation. Unveil your beauty with these phenomenal hairstyles. A combination of loose curls and wavy bangs adds an exceptional twist to your appearance. Use thin curlers to recreate this hairstyle and feel the beauty within you shine through.

9. Red Beachy Waves

Red Beachy Waves

Red exudes passion, allure, and warmth! Why not give it a go? This particular shade of red, paired with natural waves, is simply stunning. Opt for a middle part with gentle bangs in the front to elongate your face. Consider recreating this hairstyle on your upcoming vacation for an added touch of glamor.

10. Blond Hair with Sleek Bangs

Blond Hair with Sleek Bangs

The blonde hair color exudes beauty and simplicity, making it a low-maintenance hairstyle choice. It complements fair skin tones perfectly, and is particularly flattering on thick hair that can be styled with just your fingers. This effortless style can boost your self-assurance and make you feel confident. Additionally, it could even serve as your ideal bridal hairstyle.

11. Perfectly trimmed front bangs

Perfectly trimmed front bangs

If you admire Selena Gomez’s style, here’s a tip for you: the front bangs with trimmed edges can provide full coverage of the forehead, creating the illusion of a more slender face and captivating beauty. This timeless hairstyle is sure to remain fashionable for years to come.

12. Wavey Shaggy Bob

Wavey Shaggy Bob

The hairstyle that covers one’s forehead is undeniably alluring and attractive to many. Despite its “bedhead” appearance, it remains a beloved choice among girls. The combination of textured hair and a sultry hairstyle exudes a chic and effortless vibe.

13. Dual Toned Bob

Dual Toned Bob

Having brown hair highlighted with blonde streaks and complemented by delicate, smooth bangs framing the face is simply stunning. It’s always worth trying out different hair textures and styles as you never know which one might work wonders for you. For those of you with fine hair, here’s a tip: try rolling your hair towards your chin to create more volume and body in your locks.

14. Red Roll-down Hair

Red Roll-down Hair

Looking to maintain length without compromise? Look no further! The striking red hue and thin, long curls of this hairstyle will work wonders for you. You can also play around with different textures to find what works best for you. Not only is this hairstyle effortlessly cool, but it also complements round faces and enhances your natural beauty.

15. Pixie With Back Swept

Pixie With Back Swept

It goes without saying that a pixie hairstyle complements a round face exceptionally well. This hairstyle accentuates the shape of the face, creating a youthful appearance. Notably, the pixie is a highly sought-after short haircut for both round and square faces.

16. Thick Wavey Bangs

I empathize with the challenge of managing thick hair, especially with its many layers and sometimes unavoidable bangs. However, it’s important not to sacrifice your beauty in the process.

Thick Wavey Bangs

Experiment with various styles that complement both your hair and facial features, and consider trying a distinct color that enhances the texture and shape of your hair. Don’t lose hope and keep exploring until you find what works best for you.

17. Medium Hair With Choppy Front Bangs

This hairstyle complements round faces by creating a soft and gentle appearance. The gradual color fade from the crown to the tips is truly remarkable.

Medium Hair With Choppy Front Bangs

While it is particularly flattering for those with round faces, it can be worn for any occasion. The blonde medium-length hair that frames the neck looks absolutely stunning and is highly recommended for girls with round faces.

18. Simple Straight and Short Fringes

If you’re looking to switch up your look, a simple and short hairstyle with golden highlights can be the perfect duo for an office look. If you have a round face, the fine fringes that touch your cheeks can look incredibly cute.

Simple Straight and Short Fringes

Consider pairing this style with smokey eyes and a pink-tinted lip to make heads turn and guys drool. So, recreate this hairstyle for an effortlessly chic and stunning look.

19. Blue Shade Asymmetric Hair

Blue Shade Asymmetric Hair

Trying out different hair colors can be a great idea as it’s hard to predict which one will suit you the most. By pairing asymmetric front bangs with a blue shade that covers one side of your cheeks, you can elongate the shape of your face. So go ahead and try it out with confidence!

20. Blond Hair with Blunt End

It’s impossible for anyone to recommend the ideal hairstyle for you until you experiment with it on yourself. The secret to this hairstyle lies in the blunt ends that accentuate your jawline, giving it a sharper appearance.

Blond Hair with Blunt End

Don’t overlook the importance of adding a face-framing curl that curves inward towards your chin. This technique is key to achieving the desired look.

21. Extra Short Black Pixie

Extra Short Black Pixie

This hairstyle is perfect for a tomboy, and it won’t affect the natural color of your hair. It looks great on a round face and gives a cool, edgy vibe. To frame your face, simply sweep some of the short fringes onto your forehead.

22. Golden Glossy Bob

The color of your hair adds to the overall shine of your appearance. Additionally, a well-defined hairstyle can accentuate the contours of your face.

Golden Glossy Bob

By simply using your fingers to touch up your hair occasionally, you can maintain this easy-going yet polished look with minimal effort. This quick and effortless hairstyle is perfect for busy office professionals.

23. Sexy Short Curls

Are you in the mood to go wild? If so, why not experiment with something unconventional? This daring and alluring hairstyle is sure to give you the perfect outrageous look you’re after.

Sexy Short Curls

With its tousled blonde curls, you’ll have a completely fresh appearance that exudes glamour. To complement this hairstyle, consider pairing it with a choker accessory for the ultimate effect.

24. Adorable Swoopy Bangs

The hair strands have a light caramel shade that brightens up towards the ends, and the swoopy bangs create an instant illusion of the face’s shape.

Adorable Swoopy Bangs

To maintain the waves, keep some hairspray with you for touch-ups as needed. Adding a red tint to the lips creates a beautiful contrast with the hair hue and further enhances the face’s beauty.

25. Vintage Curled Hair

Vintage Curled Hair

Occasionally, we yearn for the past and seek out old-fashioned things that may resonate with the newer generation. This vintage blond hairstyle is simply captivating. Begin by parting your hair to one side and combing it meticulously. Finish by adding outward curls to your hair. And there you have it, a gorgeous hairstyle that’s sure to impress.

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