Takuache And Edgar Haircut: 11 Popular Styles For Men

Takuache And Edgar Haircut

It’s likely that you’ve come across a Takuache meme at least once in your life. The meme features a man sporting an edgy Mexican version of a Caesar cut with high fades on the sides, reminiscent of Cillian Murphy’s French crop in the popular TV show Peaky Blinders.

The only significant difference is the fringe line on the forehead. Takuache, also known as the Edgar Haircut, has gained a notorious reputation in the world of hairstyles for its widespread appeal and popularity as a meme in pop culture.

Despite receiving both love and hate, this hairstyle is a bold statement that exudes edginess. Takuache has undoubtedly secured its place among the top trending hairstyles.

What exactly is a Takuache Hairstyle?

The Takuache hairstyle is more than just a haircut, as it is considered by some to be a defining feature of a Latin-American subculture and a way of life. Also known as the Edgar haircut, it is referred to by various other names such as hood bowl or Cuh haircut.

Despite its uncertain origins, this hairstyle has gained global popularity due to its versatility and ability to suit all hair types. Additionally, it is a confident fashion statement that can be effortlessly carried Avrupa Yakası Profesyonel Masöz Bayan Didem | İstanbul Escort Bayan off.

11 Trendy Takuache Cuh Haircut Ideas

Classic Takuache Haircut

This is the quintessential Takuache hairstyle that complements men with short, thick hair who desire a refined and distinctive look. The style is achieved by blending a Caesar cut with high fades, resulting in a straight fringe on the forehead created by combing the top hair forward.

Classic Takuache Haircut

Its sharp and precise lines give it a bold and defining edge. This versatile haircut can be worn in any setting, from casual to formal, and with the addition of high skin fades, it’s sure to turn heads wherever you sexy,dolgun,titiz escort Toprak | İstanbul Escort Bayan go.

Bowl Takuache

Bowl Takuache is a contemporary take on the Beatles-inspired mushroom hairstyle from the 1960s, but with the fringe line extending to the sides. To achieve this look, one can imagine placing a bowl on the head and cutting the hair around it, as seen in Jim Carrey’s character in the movie Dumb and Dumber (1994).

Bowl Takuache

Typically, this cut is paired with a taper fade, distinguishing it as a modern-day tribute to the popular bowl cut from the 1960s and 1970s. The main difference between the Classic and Bowl Takuache cuts is the hairline on the sides, with the former featuring a blunt edge and the latter having a more subdued, possibly jagged line.

Caesar Takuache

The Mexican Caesar haircut, also referred to as Caesar Takuache, is named after its fusion of the Caesar cut and the Mexican version of the Edgar haircut.

Caesar Takuache

It distinguishes itself from the Classic Takuache hairstyle by featuring clean-cut edges and a temple fade that curves rather than goes straight. This trendy haircut is particularly popular among young Latinos in America who embrace the Takuache lifestyle.

Takuache Bangs

The Takuake hairstyle is typically paired with various forms of bangs, offering options ranging from short and blunt, like the famous Spock, to longer variations. To achieve this look, dense hair at the top of the head is combed down over the forehead, and the fringe is then shaped to suit personal preferences.

Takuache Bangs

For instance, one may opt for a short bang with the fringe line situated anywhere between the hairline and eyebrows, or a thick fringe with longer Grup Escortlar Hayal & Ecrin Sınırsız Kadıköy | İstanbul Escort Bayan hair. The longer hair tends to enhance the density and bluntness of the bangs, and this style can be complemented with a neck taper at the back or a bald fade on the sides.

Takuache Fades

To personalize your Takuache look, consider incorporating fade variations on the sides or back. Depending on your hair type, you may want to opt for a skin or bald fade if you have rough or wavy hair, or explore different tapers if you have softer hair.

Takuache Fades

A low, mid, or high fade can all complement the Takuache style and produce unique and exciting results. Experimenting with high fades can lead to a high and tight style, while a mid-skin fade can drastically transform straight, medium-length hair. For an even more distinctive look, try curving the fade at an angle rather than keeping it straight. This approach can create a fresh and uncommon style.

Mullet Takuache

The hairstyle in question is called a Takuache fringe, featuring a fringe on the forehead and a mullet flowing at the back.

Mullet Takuache

The style can be customized in various ways, such as by opting for temple or skin fades on the sides or adjusting the length of the hair at the back and the height of the fringe on the forehead to one’s personal preferences.

Takuache or Cuh Haircut Variations

Takuache has a versatile quality that makes it an ideal match for any hair type, whether it is wavy, curly, or choppy. For instance, if you have wavy or curly hair, you can let it flow freely from the top, while skin or bald faded up high on the sides. In contrast, choppy hair looks relaxed and layered with various textured angles.

For those who desire to add highlights or bleach to their hair, Takuache style can further enhance their appearance. It often pairs well with blonde or platinum-colored hair, taking the hair styling to the next level. The bold and edgy look of Takuache is already famous, and adding highlights can bring even more attention and accentuate its daring nature. The Takuache style goes beyond just a hairstyle.

Although bleaching can potentially damage hair follicles, Takuache cuts are generally short, and the damage caused by bleaching is minimal.

Cuh Haircut Cuh Haircut Cuh Haircut Cuh Haircut Cuh Haircut

Should you go for a Takuache?

Although it has been a controversial meme for the past few years, Takuache haircuts continue to be popular among pop culture consumers. This suggests that the hairstyle has not lost its appeal and remains a prominent choice that can be customized to suit individual preferences. Therefore, if you’re considering this haircut, there’s no need to hesitate – go for it with confidence.


Originally popular among Latino men, the Takuache haircut is not exclusive to them. Your personal preference should be the main factor when considering this style, and anyone can rock it if it aligns well with their taste.

Furthermore, Takuache hairstyles are low-maintenance and easy to achieve, making them accessible to almost anyone. Adding a personal touch to the style opens up endless possibilities and allows for unique results. Don’t hesitate any longer! Contact your barber today and explore the possibilities.

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